About Us

WeeeBaby.com was launched in early 2014. The Idea come up for WeeeBaby.com when we started looking to offload all the baby clothes

and goods that we have amassed over the years.


After spending a long time researching online and chatting to parents and finally WeeeBaby.com was born. WeeeBaby.com is a unique concept

in UAE as it is the only website specifically for the trading of new and used baby clothes and goods. At WeeeBaby.com we use a very targeted

marketing strategy, so you can be guaranteed to reach your target audience by selling your baby clothes and goods on WeeeBaby.com.


Becoming a member takes just a few minutes. Simply complete the registration form, click on your confirmation email and you can login and start

selling. By selling the baby items you no longer require you can earn some extra cash or simply save money by buying quality baby clothes and

goods at reduced prices. By recycling your used baby clothes and goods you're also doing your bit towards helping the environment. Everybody wins!


We hope you find the site useful and enjoy using it as much as we've enjoyed creating it for you.